Republicans leased the Trump brand. It was a bad investment.

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This should have been the best month of President Donald Trump's life. Sure, he'd just lost re-election to Joe Biden. But he never really wanted to be president in the first place. The whole song and dance in 2016 that ended with Trump's winning the election was a branding effort that went too far, if we're to believe the reporting.A return to private life should have been a triumphant capstone to his wild run.

But Trump has spent the last four years tanking not only his own brand, but the Republican Party's as well. And the GOP is even less pleased than the dozens of investors, banks and business partners he's burned during his business career.When it comes to people who, through their own mistakes and lapses in judgment, have completely fumbled the bag, there are some real legends out there: the former stars of "Vanderpump Rules," fired for falsely accusing a Black co-worker of a crime to the police; the editors at Bon Appetit who let a video empire crumble beneath them rather than address the concerns of nonwhite staffers; Ronald Wayne, the third co-founder of Apple, who sold his stake for just $800. Having let millions of dollars more...