What is your marketing strategy?

SourceJordan Times

By Ghadeer Habash
Internationally Certified 
Career Trainer
Having a “perfect” product is not enough. You may work hard to perfect your product but might end up not selling it. So, what’s the secret?
1.Marketing your product
Ask yourself… 
• Who’s your target? 
• Its age, sex, location, income? 
• Is your product high-end, targeting a high-income segment of society, for example? 
• Do you have resources and enough raw materials for your product? Success lies in consistency.

To achieve consistency in the product’s quality, you need to have standards, resources and raw materials from the same source, never compromised
2. Branding your product
The name of your product should… 
• Be easy to remember: Choose an easy-to-remember name with few letters that reflect what you do 
• Be culturally sensitive to avoid names that could be mispronounced 
• Try to think of a name that has meaning or story behind it and links...read more...