New small business coalition targets Amazon on antitrust

SourceKuwait Times

SAN FRANCISCO: A new coalition of small business groups on Tuesday launched a campaign for tougher US antitrust enforcement, specifically calling for the breakup of online commerce titan Amazon. The Small Business Rising group includes the American Booksellers Association, National Grocers Association and a number of local and regional business organizations. The coalition website said its goal is to “stop tech monopolies, such as Amazon, from cornering the online market by breaking them up and regulating them.” The move comes amid a growing backlash against large technology firms which have dominated key economic sectors and seen their influence grow during the pandemic. The new small business group said it supported the conclusions of a recent US congressional report highlighting the power of tech platforms and calling for tougher antitrust enforcement and new legislation to make it easier to dismantle some firms. “By restoring competitive markets, we can unlock the potential of Americans to grow successful businesses and build an economy that more...