Judge Aoun Appeals Oueidat’s Decision before State Council


Mount Lebanon Prosecutor Judge Ghada Aoun announced Tuesday that she has filed an appeal before the State Shura Council against the state prosecutor’s decision that stopped her from looking into financial cases.

“I filed an appeal today before the State Shura Council through my counsel, the lawyer Bashir Aoun, to annul the administrative decision issued by the state prosecutor, who exceeded his powers by usurping legal jurisdiction belonging to me according to clear legal texts,” Aoun tweeted.

“All hopes remain pinned on an independent judiciary that rectifies the course and protects rights,” the judge added.

State Prosecutor Ghassan Oueidat had recently tasked Judge Samer Lichaa to be in charge of financial files that had been in the hands of Judge Aoun. But Aoun defied Oueidat’s decision, staging several raids on the offices of the Mecattaf money exchange firm in Awkar, accompanied by State Security agents and demonstrators from the Free Patriotic Movement and the Mottahidoun civil society group.

Aoun’s moves sparked political and...