Lebanon’s central bank governor won’t step down, says he tried not to let the system ‘collapse’


Lebanon's central bank governor told CNBC this week that he wants to help the country in its time of distress — and he won't resign. "You cannot resign … in an environment of a crisis, because it would look like going away from the task you have to perform," Riad Salameh said."I don't want to resign because I am continuing what I have in my mind, as a strategy to get out of this crisis, and I'm sorry to disappoint those who are spreading rumors on my resignation every day," he told CNBC's Hadley Gamble on Monday.Apart from the coronavirus pandemic and ongoing economic troubles, the country is still reeling from a massive explosion last month in Beirut that's believed to have killed about 200 people. The Aug. 4 blast was blamed ...read more...