10 Steps To Jumpstart Sustainability in Your Business

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  • Date: 02-Jul-2021
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10 Steps To Jumpstart Sustainability in Your Business


10 Steps To Jumpstart Sustainability in Your Business

The world's first net carbon neutral merchandiser shares how to begin your company's journey toward being both sustainable and profitable.

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Lou Cysewski, an Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO)  member in Seattle, is co-founder and CEO of Coolperx , the world's first net carbon neutral merchandising company. She's on a mission to transform the merchandising industry from a toxic environmental polluter to a conscientious connector of people and values. We asked Lou how entrepreneurs can build and grow more sustainable businesses. Here's what she shared.

Why Sustainability Matters

Promotional products represent a nearly $30 billion industry that produces about $24 billion in landfill waste in the United States every year. The reason for the immense waste: On average, recipients only keep promotional swag for eight months. This is the industry I'm in.

To build a drastically different merchandising company, I had to make decisions that were both sustainable and directly impacted our bottom line.

Since day one, we've built our company with sustainability in mind . Last year, we took it further: We began tracking the carbon footprint of products we didn't produce but sold--and discovered a massive amount of untracked carbon. We realized that,

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