3 Ways You are Personally Sabotaging Your Company Culture

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Shaping your company culture is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner. It is the invisible guiding hand that could make the difference between you reaching your goals or missing the mark. And for many business owners, they struggle with the company culture that they envision in their head vs the reality of their day to day culture.So today, I want to talk about three ways that you are personally sabotaging your company culture and how you can prevent making these mistakes in the future.1. Feedback is DiscouragedMany business owners suffer from control issues and fear that no one will be able to do the job like they do.

So they instinctively micromanage people on their team. This behavior can affect your ability to hire and obtain team members, and can also prevent you from scaling and growing your business. Team members who don't feel able to do their job without constant oversight are often fearful of giving...read more...