30% Of U.K. Small Firms Have ‘No Plans’ To Become Sustainable, Survey Finds

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Almost a third of small and medium firms in the U.K. have no plans to implement a sustainability strategy, despite a government commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, according to new industry research. A survey of 1,021 firms, conducted by YouGov for energy firm World Kinect Energy Services, found that while 40% of U.K. small and medium enterprises (SMEs) don’t yet have a sustainability plan in place, 30% don’t have any intention of adopting one.  That contrasts with 53% of SMEs who have plans in place to comply with 2050 emissions targets. But only 34% of firms said they had actually achieved any of their sustainability goals. Meanwhile, more than a quarter of the firms surveyed said the coronavirus pandemic had affected their plans to adopt more sustainable measures. “While it is alarming that nearly 40% of SMEs in the UK do not have a sustainability plan in place, it is even more alarming that 30% of firms do not intend...read more...