80% of businesses expect to work remotely: Study

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A vast majority of businesses (83 percent) expect to work remote at least half the time, whereas 60 percent of employees not only agree but are happy to do so, according to Lenovo’s new Future of Work and Digital Transformation study.Enabling remote work has meant a change in digital adoption, with an increased usage of personal devices for work; wider adoption of collaboration cloud and software; and a heightened focus on data security among IT functions across businesses of all sizes. The study also shows that trusted technology providers will need to play a key role in developing future digital strategies, while Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) is gaining traction among larger businesses to make it easier to provide employees with up-to-date technology devices and as a way to free up precious resources for more strategic priorities.“Over the past year, businesses and employees alike have gained deep understanding of both the challenges and benefits of remote working practices. As organizations the world over...read more...