Biden gifts UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a cycling enthusiast, an American-made bicycle during his first overseas trip

SourceBusiness Insider
CountryMiddle east

President Joe Biden gave British Prime Minister Boris Johnson a new custom-made touring bicycle and helmet during their first meeting on Thursday in Cornwall, England. The gift was offered as “a gesture of friendship and in recognition of their shared interest in cycling,” the White House said. An avid cyclist, Johnson to work when he was the mayor of London.

Earlier this year, for going on a ride outside of his local area while the United Kingdom faced a surge in COVID-19 infections. Biden also enjoys a leisurely bike ride and was last week with first lady Jill Biden to celebrate her 70th birthday. The president is also a fan of indoor cycling and part of his exercise regime Johnson’s new bicycle is painted blue with red and white details and bears signatures of both leaders as well as the US and UK flags. Bilenky Cycle Works, a Philadelphia-based small family business, built the bike and matching helmet in more...