Crypto Company Fundraising And Rising Investments In Cryptocurrencies Are Jaw Dropping

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It is only July 2021, and there have already been eight significant fundraising rounds of crypto and blockchain companies; these companies represent over 50% of the top 12 fundraising rounds in this sector, which have taken place since 2018. It would be very easy to ignore these fund raisings by saying that it is private equity and venture capital firms investing into crypto companies. Yet, given pension funds’, insurance companies’, securities firms’, and banks’ investments into private equity firms and venture capital firms, I would urge regulators and ratings agencies to pay a lot more attention to these investments.

Also of note is that at least sixteen fund managers have doubled their investments into crypto assets. Typically, it is banks, insurance companies, securities firms, and pension funds that invest in every type of mutual fund. A current cryptocurrency investor trend is akin to repurchase agreements, where crypto currency owners lend their assets to earn higher rates of interest. These more...