iCIMS’ Charles Mah: Why Traditional Recruiting Pipelines Don’t Work

SourceHarvard Business Review
CountryMiddle east

CHARLES MAH: Well, the underlying problem is we’re trying to design a lot of systems and practices around a model that’s been in place, and I say an operating model of selecting talent and nurturing talent for 30 plus years. The model needs to change to a point of equalizing what the quality of access and communication needs. Because…you have to be able to have a corporate environment that creates networks that allows people that are not the usual ones who get to have access to the top leaders to have quality access as well as much as somebody who’s white, who’s male, who might’ve had that “Hey, knock on the door, come on in, let’s have a conversation.” PORTER BRASWELL: From HBR Presents, this is Race at Work – the show where we explore how race affects our careers and lives. I’m Porter Braswell.

I left a Wall Street career to start a company called Jopwell because I wanted to help corporate America build a more diverse workforce. Each week, we talk to a different leader about their journey with race, equity, and inclusion. These are the conversations we don’t usually have at work. But this show is a safe ...read more...