Indra Nooyi: No economy can succeed without tapping the ‘incredible potential of women’

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As economies move into a new phase of growth, the next 20 years will be "the decades of women," says former PepsiCo Chief Executive Indra Nooyi. The Indian-American businesswoman said the coming years mark an inflection point for women as society seeks to recover from the pandemic while simultaneously addressing demographic challenges. She also urged companies and countries to get behind the change. "I don't believe there's any economy in the world that can be successful without tapping into the incredible potential of women going forward. I just don't believe that's possible," said Nooyi, a regular fixture among the ranks of the world's most powerful women. "I also think almost every economy in the world needs women to have children too, because we need the replacement rate for the world," she continued. "We ought to sit down and say to ourselves: 'They need us.' They need us for the economy, they need us to have kids, and we put in all the unpaid labor so far.

So I look at the next couple decades and say 'it's our time.'" more...