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Microstrategy’s $500M BTC Investment Might be a Different Story

MicroStrategy to make another huge investment as the company lines up $500 million.
MicroStrategy’s CEO Michael Saylor has been one of the most prominent Bitcoin enthusiasts and he isn’t slowing down anytime soon.
Experts suggest that this purchase is a risky investment because of the crash in the price of
Bitcoin and the newly published financial statement of MicroStrategy.
This investment is substantial news which could spark a new Bitcoin rally.

MicroStrategy is pushing on its cryptocurrency investment with yet another huge purchase of Bitcoin. Bitcoin, which has been struggling in recent weeks, fell from a record high of over $64,000 and is struggling to reach $40,000.

Michael Saylor has been an ardent supporter of the cryptocurrency giant to the point of storing a huge part of his company’s reserves in Bitcoin.

MicroStrategy’s plan is to raise $500 million through the sale of corporate bonds to finance the project.

Bonds are a corporate...

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