Not Good UN Climate Assessment Of Australia Has Much To Do With Production And Export Of Legacy Fossil Fuels.

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Residents defend a property from a bushfire near Taree, north of Sydney on November 12, 2019.

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Australia has been termed the Lucky Country, based on its great deposits of mineral wealth. Of course, its golden beaches and warm climate are hard to beat too – at least up to about 1980 when the global temperature decided to accelerate.

Since then Australia has played with fire, so to speak, with unprecedented wildfires starting in October of 2019, and serious episodes of coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef. Some report that a third of the reef has been deadened.

So what’s the UN problem with Australia?

As first reported by Renew Economy, the UN has evaluated 193 countries for progress toward meeting 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – all items worthy of improving in any country.

Six key SDGs are quality education, universal health coverage, clean energy and industry, sustainable agriculture, sustainable urban infrastructure, and universal more...