Restless at Work? Don’t Join the Throngs of Job Quitters Until You Read This

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Millions are doing it. Should you?

With nearly half of Americans fully vaccinated against COVID-19, the economy recovering and pandemic lockdown rules easing across the U.S. and other countries despite the Delta variant, restless workers are changing jobs, or planning to.

The quit rate in April 2021 was the highest in 20 years—and May’s was even higher than that. Indeed, between 25 to 40 percent of people currently employed are now actively job searching, consulting firm Korn Ferry reports.

No wonder labor economist Betsey Stevenson at the University of Michigan has called the present moment the “take this job and shove it” economy.

There’s an inherent risk to job changes, as our research at the Harvard Business School has shown for nearly 20 years, which can result in both the individual and team’s performances faltering. In addition, job changers make predictable mistakes when executing this risky maneuver, including insufficient research on the new company; changing jobs only for a salary increase more...