Software Testing Is Tedious. AI Can Help.

SourceHarvard Business Review
CountryMiddle east

These days, every business is a software business. As companies try to keep up with the rush to create new software, push updates, and test code along the way, many are realizing that they don’t have the manpower to keep pace, and that new developers can be hard to find. But, many don’t realize that it’s possible to do more with the staff they have, making use of new advances in AI and automation. AI can be used to address bugs and help write code, but it’s greatest time saving opportunity may be in unit testing, in which each unit of code it checked — tedious, time-consuming work.

Using automation here can free up developers to do other (more profitable) work, but it can also allow companies to test more expansively and thoroughly than they would have before, addressing millions of lines of code — including legacy systems that have been built on — that may have been overlooked. In more...