Startup of the Week: Preserving Arabic Culture In A Candle

SourceAl Bawaba
CountryMiddle east

Ramadan is almost over, and Eid is almost here! Be unique this Eid and gift yourself and your beloved ones a special redolent gift all the way “From The Arabs”. When the term “Arabic culture” is mentioned it’s usually linked to eloquent poetry, flavorful cuisine, and ancient monuments. However, what many people might be oblivious to is that the Arab world, especifically the gulf region, is full of redolent authentic scents.

And this is why “From The Arabs” was born. The Emirati brand wanted to introduce the exquisite Arabic scents to the world in the form of candles. The founder of the local brand was inspired by her grandmother’s preserved famous bakhoor recipes, and she started creating home fragrances inspired by traditional Arabic scents while using her grandmother’s signature recipes in different forms. The brand’s vision was to diffuse the Arabic aromas in the world in a way that hasn’t been done before. And this is when the authentic more...