Swarovski Strategy Pivot Debut: Q&A With Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert And CEO Robert Buchbauer

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Swarovski, the 126-year-old Austrian crystal company, is getting its acts together. In this case, acts refer to the separate product divisions that were cause for confusion from both a trade and consumer standpoint. Even the industry sometimes had trouble making a distinction between Swarovski Consumer, Atelier Swarovski, Swarovski Elements and Daniel Swarovski. By appointing fashion stylist Giovanna Engelbert (nee Battaglia) as brand Creative Director and elevating Robert Buchbauer from the chairman of the board and head of the consumer goods division to CEO, the family-run global fashion crystal leader will present a unified product offering under one name, Swarovski. Last month in an embargoed press preview, reporters and editors were got a sneak peek at the new collection under Engelbert's direction and some glimpse into how the company will go forward.

Last April, WWD reported Nadja Swarovski, who was the face of the brand, responsible for Atelier Swarovski and most of the brand's philanthropy, was essentially stripped of her duties. Thus, there will be challenges in...read more...