The Case For California: Why Stories About The Golden State’s Demise Are Overblown

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Here are the hard facts about why the Golden State will continue to reign supreme in technology, entertainment, agriculture and other vital industries. Paying $3, 150 a month for a one-bedroom apartment is absurd — unless you’re living in San Francisco. For computer engineer David Berrios and his wife, it was worth it to live in this 49-square-mile technology paradise by the Bay.

From their perch near Mount Olympus in the Corona Heights neighborhood, they could stroll down the hill to Haight-Ashbury or walk to a favorite jiu jitsu studio — or anywhere else in the city, for that matter. That changed a year ago, when San Francisco became the first major city in the country to lock down in the pandemic. A former NASA computer scientist, Berrios, 40, had moved from the east coast to California because he wanted to be in a challenging environment — the start-up kind of challenging, he says, not the kind in which more...