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BRUSSELS, Belgium — The following encompass remarks by president Charles Michel ahead of the G7 summit, June 11-13, 2021. The G7 must be able to mobilize to tackle the biggest challenges we face. First, to support and promote an international order based on rules, to demonstrate that liberal democratic societies are best equipped to meet the challenges, to reduce the various threats, to overcome the pandemic, to support a project of economic prosperity and to progress together in the fight against climate change.

The paradox with this pandemic is this. On the one hand, the world has been slowed down by this pandemic. On the other hand, international cooperation has considerably strengthened and intensified. And this will still be the case in the coming days with this G7 meeting, but also with other international summits that will take place, including in Brussels. I would like to focus on four areas where G7 cooperation is particularly needed: first, global health; second, more...