The Power Of Choice And What Matters Most For The Future Of Work

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Employee stress levels are at an all-time high and mental health issues are rife. The pandemic has caused a sea change in how we work and live—and one of the most difficult aspects is the loss of control we’ve endured. This is tough for all of us—and also for leaders and organizations. When people aren’t at their best, wellbeing, happiness and performance suffer and so do company outcomes. We know from brain science humans crave certainty and safety.

We want control so we can create (as much as possible) conditions to reduce ambiguity. The pandemic has pushed our proverbial buttons because we haven’t been able to make the usual choices about when we go out, what we do, how we spend our time, and how and where we work. All of this causes stress because as grownups, we crave a level of autonomy and control over our lives. And we just haven’t had as much lately. The Right Balance But leaders can more...