The Triptych Collection: Diageo Releases 3 Ultra Rare Brora Expressions For £30,000

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Spirits from "ghost" distilleries are meant to haunt you. And it's safe to say that Brora—as one of my five Holy Grail Scotches—haunts me quite a bit. Consider the half-drunk bottle of 35-year-old Brora from 1977 in my kitchen counter, which I expect to last for another 35 years—mainly because replacing it would set me back at least $2, 200. (Trust me, if money were no object, I'd have rows and rows of Broras in my collection—and I'd have a whiskey cave that'd resemble Golden Promise in Paris.) And while Brora, the legendary Islay distillery, ceased operations more than three decades ago in 1983, Diageo announced in 2017 that it was spending $45 million to bring it (and its Islay cousin Port Ellen) back to life—to the delight of multitudes.

So in advance of the distillery's reopening in mid-May, the reborn Brora announced that it will be releasing three limited-edition single malts: stellar whiskies between 38 and 48 years more...