These ‘New Champions’ are the business innovators the world needs now

SourceWorld Economic Forum
CountryMiddle east

Business pioneers are central to building a better collective future in the face of emerging technologies, environmental challenges and radically changing markets. The World Economic Forum's New Champions Community gathers together leading innovative companies from around the globe to create a more inclusive, sustainable, resilient world. Industries from strategy consultancy, fintech, sustainable production and cryptocurrencies are among the companies leading our initiative. Our society has never been in such a need to transform itself to adapt to the latest changes it faces – the pandemic, a lack of international co-operation and disruptive technologies, among other challenges. We have to work together to make the world more resilient, inclusive and sustainable. Emerging technologies, environmental challenges and changing market landscape and business models mean that pioneers of change are much needed to build our collective future into a better shape. Innovation by individual companies that is added together could bring fundamental societal change.

The World Economic Forum's New Champions Community gathers such companies, which use innovative breakthroughs to contribute to a positive great reset. BTS on new work models BTS is a global professional services firm that focuses on the people side of strategy consulting and helps leaders turn decisions into more...