TikTok for Business: What you need to know to get your content across millions of people around the world

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How can a leader harness TikTok  for Business? TikTok for Business was created with aspiring business leaders in mind, knowing that they need access to an easy to use platform to create and manage their campaigns so they can quickly benefit from the wide reach of TikTok users to grow their businesses. In the current market landscape, we also understand that businesses are being faced with limited resources and advertising options, therefore brand building and marketing at scale can be challenging and costly; often with no real measurement of success. Our recently launched self-serve advertising platform should alleviate some of that pressure and give businesses the ability to efficiently engage new audiences through an extensive suite of creative tools, intelligent targeting and world class support. Influencers have taken a hit as a result of coronavirus, but there may be new revenue streams for the content creators At TikTok, we’re all about inspiring creativity, bringing joy and building brands, and our product suite is a key...read more...