What is the “new normal”

CountryMiddle east

Given that the economies in the Middle East were softening in 2019 before the pandemic hit in 2020, doing business has changed dramatically for all of us even in 2021. Local governments in the Middle East took immediate remedial action when the pandemic began leading to an upswing in the economy, judging by the numbers from PMI data which saw a rise over 50 for UAE and Saudi Arabia in December.Businesses continue to streamline their processes evaluating resources in how they do businesses reflecting the way their customers interact or buy their products and services. Consumer behaviour has changed the way businesses work and communicate.So, what are businesses doing differently and should this continue in 2021. The consensus has been going online and digital.

“Much of the economy has gone digital – from the way we work and study from home with video calls, to shopping and purchasing behaviour,” said Fares Ghneim, Director for insights and strategy at Anavizio, a social listening company.Natalja Kissina, HR VP for the Gulf at Schneider Electric, agreed that digital and sustainability was a focus for their business. “Our focus is on driving digitization and sustainability for our customers across the region. Last year...read more...