When will universities open again? Where students fit into the Government road-map

SourceThe Telegraph
CountryMiddle east

Are student halls different? Halls of residence have been less crowded. Many universities were predicting a drop in international students thanks to Brexit. The coronavirus pandemic has kept even more away, so most pupils are UK residents already.  Most universities are cleaning communal areas - kitchens, bathrooms, lounges - more regularly. Some universities considered segregating halls based on course subjects, to reduce interaction with people from other bubbles. What about freshers flu? As Warwick University pointed out to its students, because the symptoms of freshers flu are similar to coronavirus, those who experienced mild symptoms would need to self-isolate until they are tested and the results return as negative.  This means any students who have symptoms such as a persistent new cough, a loss of  taste or smell and a high temperature would need to self-isolate, along with those they have been in contact with.  How much tuition is online? Most universities held most lectures online. Many said that smaller groups of students would be able to meet in socially distanced tutorials. In...read more...