Why companies need to increase ESG alignment to resist future shocks

SourceArabian Business
CountryMiddle east

Since Covid-19 swept across the world, shutting down cities, slowing down trade and changing the way we work, businesses have had to adapt. The crisis is impacting everyone across the world irrespective of location and borders. There has been a collective effort to the end the pandemic and the response has brought to the forefront the vital importance of investing in more sustainable business models.

The latest findings from HSBC’s Navigator Report show that 98 percent of companies in the Middle East see multiple opportunities from improving their environmental and ethical sustainability.

There have been several years of shifting societal expectations. Investors have been placing increased importance on the wider social and environmental impact of businesses and international supply chains – GCC bond and sustainability-linked debt issuance out of the Middle East roughly doubled to almost $5 billion in 2020.

But change needs to happen at a much faster rate and at every level of the economy if the world is to...read more...