Why G7 backing TCFD is ‘enormously important’

SourceFinancial Times
CountryMiddle east

Greetings from New York where I am currently in the throes of launching a new book, Anthro-Vision, (mostly) via zoom. It narrates how I started my career as a cultural anthropologist in Tajikistan — and while that background once seemed weird in finance, it later helped me foresee the 2008 financial crisis, techlash and the rise of the sustainability movement. Why? Anthropology is a discipline that champions empathy and lateral vision — or a desire to look at the world beyond the confines of economic models, corporate balance sheets and big data.

Lateral vision is at the core of ESG, and I argue, what people need today to “build back better”.

The G7 finance ministers appear to agree: as we explain below, they have just thrown their support behind mandatory climate reporting for companies, in a way that essentially champions the concept of lateral vision — and stakeholderism. This news took many people by surprise. But check out our exclusive interview with...read more...