Why Voice Will Lead Biometrics In Hearables

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The human ear gives us access to collect more biometric data than any other part of the body. In the rapidly growing Hearables market, however, the powerful integration of biometric sensors, and the multiple biomarkers that can be tracked via the ear for health and wellness, are taking a back seat to other market-driving feature sets. For the broader consumer market, key features fueling hardware (e.g., earbuds, headphones,personal sound amplifiers, hearing aids) and softwares include: Some market analysts looking at the future of Hearables claim the demand for biometrics currently represents too small of a market share to warrant the risk of pushing sensor-rich and wellness-driven Hearables to a broad consumer base. Could it be that the analysts are looking too closely at the center of their own product lane to see the multiple roads leading to the intersection of biometrics, sound and Hearables? Or maybe they’re just looking at the wrong ears to fully envision who is driving the bus, listening to...read more...