‘Dramaworld’ Cast Returns For Second Season With More K-Star Cameos

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Henry Lau talks to Sean Dulake in the second season of 'Dramaworld.' Third Culture Content Korean dramas are so addictively entertaining, they are easy to get lost in—and that’s generally a good thing. However, being suddenly transported into a k-drama, while you are watching it, could get complicated. That’s the premise of the first season of Dramaworld, which follows Claire (Liv Hewson), an American girl obsessed with k-drama and underwhelmed by her real life working in her father’s deli. When a supernatural twist of fate catapults Claire into the world of Korean dramas, she tumbles into Taste of Love, which stars her k-drama crush Joon Park ( Sean Dulake). She is rescued by Seth (Justin Chon), a facilitator who keeps Dramaworld turning with ...read more...