K-Drama ‘Start-Up’ Offers Its Characters A Chance To Start Over

CountryMiddle east

Suzy Bae stars in 'Start-Up,' as a young women with a business idea but no funds. Netflix Start-Up, starring Suzy Bae and Nam Joo-Hyuk, might be primarily about business start-ups, but it’s also about the start you get in life—and sometimes the need to start over. In this new tvN drama, Bae plays Seo Dal-mi, one of two sisters. Dal-mi did not get the advantageous start in life that her sister did and she has not forgiven her sister for starting a new life without her.  When their parents divorced, Dal-mi chose to stay with her father, a man with no cash reserves, but a great idea for a business. The older sister, Won In-Jae, played by Kang Han-na, chose to stay with their mother, ...read more...