Labor Board Accuses Google Contractor of Violating Union Rights

SourceThe New York Times
CountryMiddle east

The complaint says the contractor, HCL, refused to negotiate with the union and retaliated by shipping work to Poland.The National Labor Relations Board accused HCL of violating the labor rights of a group of workers in Pittsburgh who formed a union.Credit...Samyukta Lakshmi/BloombergBy Noam ScheiberA federal agency issued a complaint this week against a contractor hired by Google and accused it of violating its employees’ labor rights, marking the latest flash point in a long-running struggle between workers and technology companies.In the complaint, the National Labor Relations Board asserts that HCL America, a subsidiary of an Indian contracting giant, illegally discouraged workers from belonging to a union, and of failing to bargain with the union in good faith.HCL and Google did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The case does more...