London Taxi Driver’s Warning About Bicycle-Based Future Backfires Spectacularly


Thomasthetaxi's misjudged tweet. Twitter The far-right Twitter user “polNewsNetwork1” shared an innocuous photo in 2017 taken by a New York City subway rider of a drag queen and a woman in a niqab, chirping: “This is the future that liberals want.” The tweet was widely shared and wickedly mocked, with most respondents welcoming the photograph’s inclusivity. This-is-the-future-that-liberals-want became an almost instant meme, and is still often trotted out today, mocking right-wing squeamishness. The original poster, since suspended from Twitter, was trying to sow hatred and division by portraying an “everyday scene as being full of dark intent,” surmised Vox at the time. Similarly, a tweet posted by a London taxi driver on July 31 has also backfired. Tweeting purloined photographs of Dutch more...