Some offensive tweets against Oman from outside the country, says Public Prosecution | Times of Oman

SourceTimes of Oman

Some of the tweets that are offensive to Oman are sent from accounts with fictitious names and from outside the Sultanate, the Assistant Prosecutor said. Dr. Ahmed Al Shukaili, the Assistant Prosecutor said: "Dealing with cybercrime is carried out in accordance with the Criminal Procedures Law and Public Prosecution has reached the owners of most accounts. It has been proven that some of the posters who offend the country use fictitious names and they broadcast their tweets from outside the Sultanate."His Excellency Nasr bin Khamis Al-Sawai, the Public Prosecutor said: "The prosecution has set its sights on re-studying the organisational structure and the roles assigned to it in the first place, what are the services, their quality, and their provision to the beneficiaries in line with Oman vision 2040." more...