Why opening Qatar’s borders is good for business

SourceArabian Business

There is no doubt that this week’s re-opening of borders between the Gulf nations and Qatar will lead to a renewed surge in business across the region. The reopening with Qatar is an outstanding development at the right time and it shows the amazing vision and tolerance of the rulers of the region and how they’re able to see beyond political issues for the benefit of the greater good. It’s a clear signal for economic diplomacy and a chance to stabilise the post-Covid economy. A lot of business has always been done between Dubai, Qatar and the rest of the world. Many of my clients would fly from Dubai to Qatar for dinner and come back the same evening so there has always been a huge link between the UAE and Qatar’s business communities. Leading economist says major gains are likely for Qatar's economy but are likely to be relatively slow to accumulate in the wider region Before the borders closed, around 10 percent of Dubai’s tourists were Qatari, so not least in the wake of a devastating pandemic which has hit the tourism industry hard, this is set to grow significantly. The World Cup in 2022 is going to be an extension of...read more...