Jeff Bezos looks to life beyond Amazon after historic space ride

CountrySaudi Arabia

Jeff Bezos just took on a new title after stepping down as CEO of earlier this month — astronaut. on Tuesday aboard the New Shepard rocket owned by his space company, Blue Origin, as part of its first human space flight. His brother, Mark, trailblazing female aviator Wally Funk and Dutch teenager Oliver Daemen were also in the spacecraft.

New Shepard lifted off from Blue Origin’s West Texas launch site at 8:12 a.m. local time. A capsule carrying Bezos and the other passengers rocketed past the Karman line at an altitude of 107 kilometers (66 miles) above the Earth. The crew experienced a few moments of weightlessness, before the capsule returned home. The flight lasted 10 minutes and 10 seconds. , began dreaming of space travel at an early age. He had referred to the trip as “the greatest adventure.” “Best day ever!” Bezos said after Tuesday’s return to Earth. “My expectations were high and they were dramatically exceeded.” more...