Man Kept in Chinese Boy Band Reality Show Against His Will For Weeks

CountrySaudi Arabia

A Russian model who signed up for a Survivor-style boy band contest has finally been voted off the Chinese talent show after weeks of begging fans to release him.Vladislav Ivanov, known by the stage name “Lelush,” was originally hired as a translator for Produce Camp 2021 before agreeing to appear as a contestant. But he apparently failed to read the fine print in his contract, which prevented him from walking out.The show, which is produced by Tencent and also known as CHUANG 2021, pits 90 would-be pop stars against one another by sending the group to an artificial island off the tropical Hainan province in southern China.In February, viewers began watching their solo performances before slowly voting them off the show, with the aim of choosing 11 finalists who would form a boy band called INTO1.
The 27-year-old Vladivostok native, who speaks fluent Mandarin and English, was propelled through each round as a fan favorite—especially after he expressed his more...