More than 850 companies apply for ‘Made in Saudi’ program

SourceEye of Riyadh
CountrySaudi Arabia

More than 850 companies have applied to join the ‘“Made in Saudi” program, the Saudi Press Agency reported.   Faisal Al-Bedah, the secretary-general of the Saudi Export Development Authority, on Wednesday addressed aspects of the program during a virtual meeting organized by the Industrial Committee in Riyadh Chamber. He introduced the program, the benefits of joining it, and the companies qualified to benefit from its services. Al-Bedah highlighted the program’s objectives, namely increasing domestic consumption and market share of domestic goods and services, increasing Saudi non-oil exports in priority export markets, and enhancing the attractiveness of the Saudi industrial sector for domestic and foreign investment. He said the “Made in Saudi” program promoted national identity, boosted the contribution of the private sector to the economy, launched the capabilities of promising non-oil sectors by developing their exports, and enabled the creation of teams through small and medium-sized enterprises and micro-enterprises. Companies who want to be part of the program can apply online, with an initial more...