Pakistani PM starts inquiry into expats’ complaints against country’s embassy in Riyadh

SourceArab News
CountrySaudi Arabia

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has suspended his country’s envoy to Saudi Arabia and ordered a probe into claims by expat laborers of mistreatment by embassy staff in Riyadh. Sources confirmed to Arab News that the premier’s office had issued a letter initiating a formal inquiry into the workers’ complaints about their treatment by staff at the country’s embassy in the Saudi capital. At the same time, outgoing Pakistani Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Raja Ali Ejaz was told to return home, along with six Riyadh embassy employees, pending the outcome of the investigation.

Syed Zulfikar Bukhari, an adviser to Khan, told media that the complaints had been made by a number of expat laborers over recent months. The letter from the PM’s office, said: “The former ambassador to (the) KSA, Raja Ali Ejaz, has been suspended, while all staff who dealt with the public at the Pakistani Embassy and consulates in (the) KSA, (are) to be recalled more...