Saudi Arabia to Become Global Leader in Carbon Trading

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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia to Become Global Leader in Carbon Trading

In light of international demands to reduce carbon emissions, experts affirmed that Saudi Arabia was leading expectations with a higher growth rate and a rising economic value, through policies that promote carbon neutrality and meet local and global green initiatives.

As Saudi Arabia appears to be a leading candidate to benefit from the increase in carbon trade, Abdullah Al-Malehi – a Saudi investor in the green economy – pointed out that the carbon emissions market was proving to be profitable for many, as energy trading companies, especially oil and gas, focus their attention on carbon trading operations.

According to Al-Malehi, carbon emitters can buy additional allowances for their emissions, as well as sell the excess to other companies, paving the way for a trading market that grew 23 percent year on year in 2020, to reach USD 281 billion. He added that banks and funds were also eyeing carbon trading activities.

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