Dubai ranks 2nd in ‘City of Choice’ by Boston Consulting Group

  • Date: 22-Jan-2022
  • Source: GCC Business…
  • Sector: Economy
  • Country: UAE
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Dubai ranks 2nd in ‘City of Choice’ by Boston Consulting Group

Dubai City has been rated among the world’s 16 ‘megacities’ with a top-five status for the 2019/20 fiscal year, according to the Cities of Choice global survey, conducted by American global management consulting firm Boston Consulting Group.

Dubai lead in two key sectors. The first relates to financial opportunities, which include quality of life and platforms for professional realization. Dubai came second overall with a score of 72, just after New York. Secondly, the Emirate ranked third in megacities in its relationship with the authorities division, with an open and reliable dialogue with centrally enabled authorities for widespread satisfaction. Dubai scored an overall of 55 out of 100.

Dubai bagged this achievement as the emirate has constantly worked on capabilities to improve residents’ well-being and satisfaction while accommodating their needs.

BSG has comprehensively examined the cities’ success in upholding and improving population happiness, showcasing their respective rankings against global peers across key dimensions. The rankings were determined based on performance across the quality of life, economic opportunities, social capital, speed of change, and relationships with authorities.

Christopher DanielMD & PartnerBCG Middle East

“The success of any city is defined by the well-being of its residents. By focusing on citizen

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