Five reasons why every company must have their trademark registered in the UAE 

SourceGulf Business

Introducing a new brand into a highly competitive market such as the UAE comes with a unique set of challenges that brand owners need to tackle effectively. Constant changes in the market, in technologies and in consumer behaviour are prompting businesses to come up with fresh brand development strategies to stand out from their competitors. Protecting the brand’s value through trademark registration in Dubai is key – irrespective of the nature of the business. A registered trademark effectively safeguards the brand from competitors and counterfeit and helps business owners gain the trust of consumers. Here we critically analyse why trademark protection must be the top consideration while developing a brand strategy for your business. 1.

Trademarks create brand recognition A registered trademark helps customers instantly recognise your brand from amidst a deluge of identical products or services in the market. Consumers can read your company’s values or messages through a registered brand name or logo that leaves an indelible impression in more...