How to deal with difficult work colleagues

SourceArabian Business

People often dismiss or minimise toxic work environments. They dismissively mention it as part of a larger story of being stressed, but not ‘the’ story itself. However, when you add the daily frustrations and irritations of toxic colleagues to the workload and work stress it can have significant negative effects on personal mental, emotional and physical well-being. Some might say that they have not done anything about their difficult co-worker because it is not someone they work with closely or see on a daily basis, but even then, the effects of stress are additive, and weekly encounters or the anticipatory anxiety can add up to having lasting negative effects on well-being. New research shows UAE registered one of the lowest growth for online searches relating to stress in the workplace A person in this situation can experience generalised distress, disturbance in sleep, loss of energy and low motivation, as well as low productivity, absenteeism and disengagement from work. They can develop symptoms of anxiety before they have to meet with this person or might try to avoid the person altogether.When these feelings continue over a longer period of time,  the emotional, mental, and psychological difficulties can escalate into serious clinical problems. It more...