Let’s get emotional: The business case for the soft-skilled chief information security officer

SourceArabian Business

Escalation of cyberattacks is, by now, an old story. But last year’s digital assault on the region was particularly destabilising for the thousands of enterprises trying to deliver operational continuity amid unprecedented social disruption.

The UAE saw a 250 percent year-on-year increase in incidents in 2020. Any doubt that this was linked to our new normal was dispelled by the nation’s cybersecurity chief, who cited lockdowns and our movement to a “full online life” as major causes.

On the frontlines, as always, are teams of beleaguered security professionals.

To make matters worse for the region, sufficiently trained threat hunters have become all too rare.

Attacks against remote access protocols in the UAE reached 15.8 million in 2020, Kaspersky report reveals

Skill gaps persist, despite a growing need, and the rise of the chief information security officer (CISO) has done nothing to address the shortfall. Indeed, technically minded CISOs are being called upon to step outside their logic-infused comfort-zones and become talent shepherds, inspiring...read more...