Prime Ministers, Presidents And A King Among Those Possibly Targeted With Pegasus Spyware


Share to Linkedin At least 14 current and former heads of state have been identified among the tens of thousands of people believed to have been targeted for possible surveillance by clients of private Israeli firm NGO Group, according to a collaborative investigation published Tuesday by The Washington Post. French President Emmanuel Macron is among those possibly targeted with the spyware. In a bombshell report published over the weekend, French journalism nonprofit Forbidden stories and human rights group Amnesty International said they were leaked a list of more than 50, 000 phone numbers that included at least some people targeted by NGO’s signature Pegasus spyware.

The Washington Post, along with “partner news organizations” in 10 countries, parsed through the list and identified—through public records, journalists’ contact books and questions to government officials—hundreds of public officials selected for possible surveillance by countries ranging from the United Arab Emirates to Morocco. Among them were numerous sitting heads of state, including more...