Red list blues: Why UK Government restrictions are putting British businesses at a disadvantage

SourceArabian Business

If you’re from the UK – or have spoken to any Briton in the last few weeks – doubtless thoughts and conversations have focused on summer plans and how expat residents can safely and legally get to the UK this summer, whilst the UAE remains on the UK’s travel ‘red list’.

I’ve heard of potential journeys via Bahrain, Greece, Italy, Israel and even Iceland, as possible solutions to avoid the mandatory 10 day quarantine and hotel confinement upon arrival, all of which carry significant cost and inconvenience, as well as the risk of changes to respective travel statuses with the UK, which might change or compound the situation further.

The other option is of course not to travel at all, and that seems to have been the main impact on business travel between the UK and UAE in recent months, with very few trade visitors making the trip at all. Although Zoom and Teams have obviously become commonplace in last more...