Teaching UAE’s Indian expats how to save and more: Sharjah’s K.V. Shamsudeen of Barjeel Geojit

SourceGulf News

Dubai: Sharjah-based K.V. Shamsudheen cares a lot about wealth – specifically, in creating it for others. If that happens to be for those in the lowest rungs of the UAE’s workforce, then all the better.

Because for the better part of 50 years, Shamsudheen has been spreading the word about wealth creation from savings – and well before terms like ‘financial literacy’ and ‘helping the unbanked’ started floating around in the financial services apace. One could argue that his formula is as basic as it can get – but for two generations of the UAE’s blue-collar workforce from India, his ways have delivered results. For them. Shamsudheen, a partner at investment firm Barjeel Geojit, is not done spreading the word – yet. Whether it’s on radio, online forums, and – before COVID-19 – investor sessions, he’s been telling them to save… and keep saving. “When I ask expatriates whether they have achieved their financial objectives, 95 per cent will...read more...