The Cities With The Fastest 5G Speeds [Infographic]


Share to Linkedin In mid-April, wireless coverage mapping company Opensignal released an analysis of real-world 5G measurements across all frequency bands, providing an insight into network speeds in major cities. At national level, South Korea once again had the fastest 5G download speeds of any country, averaging 361 Mbps. It was followed by Taiwan (309.

9 Mbps) and the UAE (269. 0 Mbps) with Australia (239. 6 Mbps) and Japan (231. 5 Mbps) rounding off the top five. Interestingly, Opensignal found that the 5G experience in leading cities was significantly better than national scores. Jeonju, South Korea’s 16th largest city, has the fastest 5G download speeds on the planet. Opensignal’s analysis found that its inhabitants enjoy an average download speed of 415. 6 Mbps which is 15% faster than South Korea’s national average. Its upload speeds are still slower than many other cities, however, trailing metropolitan areas including Tokyo and Barcelona. Hsinchu City in Taiwan has the second more...