The importance, potential and impact of the circular economy


Earlier this year, the UAE established a federal circular economy council to generate new economic opportunities, reduce the use of natural resources and protect the environment. In this piece, Nour Sleiman, co-founder and chief marketing officer at UAE-based Cartlow, a re-commerce website explains the impact and importance of the circular economy.

Transitioning into a circular economy is not solely aimed at minimising the negative impact of a linear economy, but also on the overall health system of the economic activity. Shifting from a ‘take, make, use, dispose’ to a ‘make, use, return, re-use’ model would require the dedicated contribution of organisations, individuals, and businesses together – large and small – to work effectively at all scales.

This model shift will generate new business and create economic opportunities while contributing positively to the environment as a whole. 

Nowadays, the earth’s raw materials are increasingly consumed at a large scale to generate the products that we use on a more...